Super ninja’s sustainable fruit fly trap

Catching fruit flies? With our innovative & discreet fruit fly trap you will get rid of your fruit flies super fast. Natural and responsible, easy to use and easy to place.

Immediately results

Within one day you will be rid of most of the fruit flies

Natural & responsible

Made of natural ingredients and recycled materials

Easy to use

Easy to use and place, near to the source of the problem

Immediately results

The unique mix of natural ingredients lures the fruit flies right into the trap. They will crawl into the little bottle through a special funnel, after which the fruit flies can no longer get out. Once in the trap, the fruit flies will soon drown. With Super Ninja’s fruit fly trap, you will catch most of the fruit flies within one day!

Natural & responsible

The attractant in the fruit fly trap consists of the right mix of vinegar, fruit juice and a surface breaking substance, comparable with detergent. The trap consists of a small bottle, a funnel and a cap, made from recycled plastic. The packaging is made of recycled – and recyclable – unbleached carton.

Easy to use

Just take of the cap, wipe the little funnel dry, and the trap is ready to use. With the adhesive strip on the back of the bottle, the trap is very easy to place near the source of the problem and out of sight, for instance behind the refrigerator. After placing, the trap will stay effective up to ±30 days.


The trap (lxbxh): 3,4×2,9×5,4 cm (1.33 x 1.14 x 2.13 inch)

Packaging (lxbxh): 7,2×3,2×12,7 cm (2.83 x 1.26 x 5 inch)

One trap in the packaging weighs 42g (0.09 lbs)

The 2-pack weighs 84g (0.19 lbs)

vinegar, apple juice concentrate, water, sodium lauryl sulphate

1, 2,4 or 12

Fruit flies? Super Ninja to the rescue!

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I had a swarm of fruit flies for a few days. It started with a dozen, but after about 3 days I think it became hundreds. I received the product, prepared it and less than an hour later there was already a bottom layer of flies in it! After 2 days I was completely rid of them. Highly recommended!

This is the best working article we have tested so far. Within a few days, the fruit fly infestation had completely disappeared.

Fantastic! These bottles work really well. Every summer we are bothered by those little fruit flies. We eat a lot of fruit and have a baby who gets fresh fruit every day, so the flies are very noticeable. As soon as we "stick on" a bottle, we are rid of them! We buy them every year. What a top product!

I buy this product every summer. I hang one above the kitchen gutter and one above my dustbin. It does its job very well! I am very satisfied. I will be back.

About super ninja

Effective and sustainable pest control.

Super Ninja believes that sustainable and responsible pest control should be todays’ standard. Effective to remove nuisance, safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Due to a lack of sustainable pest control products and as a result of his own frustrations, in 2014, our founder Ferdinand developed our first product: the Fruit Fly Ninja.

While he was trapped at home with a knee injury - surrounded by fruit flies – he discovered how natural ingredients can be just as effective as chemical ones. Especially when combined into an innovative product design.

We find the
best alternatives

We believe in the power of natural ingredients and innovative designs.

We respect
the environment

We aim for a positive impact – without negative side effects.

We keep on

We continuously search for more – and only the best - pest control solutions.


Fruit flies aren’t directly causing health problems. However, they can – just like any other type of fly – spread bacteria on food and drinks. Did you know that fruit flies easily lay hundreds up till thousands of eggs in (ripe) fruit? You may want to think twice before you take a bite!

Controlling the fruit fly problem is very important. The fruit flies spread bacteria and your fruits will go bad in no time, which is a waste! Also, if you don’t control the fruit flies in time, these tiny flies can soon become a huge problem. They reproduce quickly and will soon turn into a plague!

Fruit flies have a very strong sense of smell. The smell of ripe fruit attracts them like a magnet. In one month, a fruit fly can lay between 400 and 800 eggs, that can hatch in just one day when the temperature is right. It’s important to control the fruit fly problem immediately to prevent a plague. With the Fruit Fly Ninja you can stop the infestation, as you will catch most of the fruit flies within only one day.

Fruit flies are very tiny and super-fast. They are impossible to catch with your bare hands! The best way to catch the fruit flies is to use a trap. With the Fruit Fly Ninja you will lure the fruit flies away from your fruit, right into the trap. The unique product design will make sure that the tiny flies can’t find their way back out. With the Fruit Fly Ninja you will catch most of the fruit flies in just one day.

The secret behind the Fruit Fly Ninja? An attractant that the tiny fruit flies can’t resist, made from the right mix of natural ingredients. As they find this substance way more attractive than your fruit, they will soon be on their way! Due to our innovative product design, there is no way that the fruit flies can find their way out of the trap. The adhesive strip makes the trap easy to place, in a strategic and discrete spot. For instance, behind the refrigerator, or near to the source of the problem.

We searched for the perfect formula for a long time – and we have found it! The right mix of vinegar and fruit juice form a natural cocktail that fruit flies can’t resist. A surface breaking substance, similar to detergent, makes sure that the tiny flies wont float but will drown quickly.

The trap works immediately! You just have to unscrew the cap of the trap and place it in a strategic position, close to the source of the problem. Within a day you will have caught a large proportion of fruit flies, depending on the amount already present. Are you already suffering from a large infestation? Then place several fruit fly traps.

How often you need to replace the fruit fly trap depends on the number of fruit flies already hovering around in your kitchen. Just within one day you will be able to catch most of the tiny flies. Are the fruit flies a persistent problem? Replace the Fruit Fly Ninja when it’s full or after ± 30 days.

Definitely. Our Fruit Fly Ninja is being used by supermarkets and in hotels and restaurants. Also pest control services, such as Rentokil, use Super Ninja. Order the Fruit Fly Ninja Pro Pack for professionals directly online or ncontact us for more information.

In short: everything! We tried our best to make the Fruit Fly Ninja 100% sustainable. From the attractant, the packaging, to the manufacturing and transportation. The attractant contains a mix of natural ingredients. The trap is made from recycled and recyclable plastic, the packaging from recycled and recyclable unbleached carton. We keep the manufacturing process simple, without unnecessary proceedings that won’t add value to the effectiveness and usability of the product. We strive to produce locally as much as we can, to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We pack our products efficiently, in order to ship as many as we can in one freight.

Definitely. The natural ingredients are food grade. The product is very safe to use and to place in the kitchen. However, the trap does contain small parts, so make sure you place it stays out of the reach of small kids.

Yes, you can. You can find the Super Ninja products at, among others, Albert Heijn, Boni, Coop, da, Deen, dio, Etos, GroenRijk, Hanos, Hocras, Hubo, JUMBO, life&garden, Overvecht, PLUS, Sligro, SPAR, Tuinland, Uw Groene Vakwinkel, VAN TOL, VHC, vitaminstore, ZEGRO, alvo, Carrefour, Cactus, DELHAIZE, DanMurphy's, Coppelmans, ElCorteIngles, X, IGA, InterMarché, JOHNSON, Kruidvat, Monoprix, Pelckmans, Hospitality Supplies, OE FOOD STORES, Reward Hospitality, SuperCOR, TBC.

Yes, you can. Order the Fruit Fly Ninja directly online by clicking here.

Do you have another question or a suggestion? Please contact us via this page.

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