About us

Our journey to 100% sustainable pest control

When the fruit flies keep swarming around your ears and you have no place to go - literally - that's when you become resourceful. Our Ferdinand - founder of Super Ninja - proved this when he was forced to sit at home in 2014 with a serious knee injury.

He was looking for a good solution to get rid of his fruit flies but was surprised about the lack of effective and environmentally friendly pest control products. Frustration transformed into inspiration.

With a background in mechanical engineering, he went in search of a modern solution against pests. This he found and it turned out to be no less than 8 times as effective as the most commonly used products at the time! Our first product - the Fruit Fly Ninja - became a fact.

The secret behind the Fruit Fly Ninja? The right mix of 100% natural ingredients, combined into an innovative product design – made from recycled and recyclable materials.

In short: the best solution against pests that we can expect today. Effective, sustainable and user-friendly. On to 100% sustainable pest control!

2 bottles of Fruit Fly Ninja

We believe that sustainable pest control should be the standard

After developing our first product – the Fruit Fly Ninja - in 2014, we also added the Silverfish Ninja, the Plant Fly Ninja and the Ant Ninja to our product line. We keep on searching for new solutions, so we can offer you the sustainable pest control products that you need.

Effective to remove nuisance, safe for people, pets and the environment.

We love to show the alternatives

Pest control doesn’t need to go hand in hand with chemical ingredients. A natural product can be just as effective – or even more so. Especially when combined into an innovative product design.

We keep on developing (ourselves)

We try to do it the best we can. Is there still something to gain? We are on it! We keep on searching for more and great pest control solutions. Always and only the best. Effective, safe and sustainable.


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