Super ninja’s sustainable plant fly trap

Fighting mourning flies? With our super-attractive fungus fly trap you will be rid of your plant flies (fungus gnats) in no time. Natural and responsible, easy to use and simple to place.

Immediately results

Within a few days you will catch most of the plant flies

Natural & responsible

Made of recycled and recyclable plastic

Easy to use

Ready to use, easy to place near the source

Immediately results

Our cheerful and discrete sticker traps attract plant flies like magnets. The little flies (fungus gnats) will get stuck to the sticker, after which they will die the same day. You will catch most of the tine plant flies in only one day.

Natural & responsible

The mourning flytrap is made of recycled - and recyclable - plastic and natural glue. The sticker traps last up to 3 months (sometimes longer) and are therefore very durable.

Easy to use

One package contains 10 mourning fly traps. Put the mourning fly traps in the ground and remove the foil; the traps do their job immediately.


Packaging (lxbxh): 7,2×1,5×12,7 cm (2.83 x 0.59 x. 5inch)

Valance (bxh): 11×6,5 cm (4.33 x 2.56 inch)

Approx. 32 gram (0.07 lbs)

Only glue on plastic

10 or 30 traps

Plant Fly? Super Ninja to the rescue!

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I had a swarm of fruit flies for a few days. It started with a dozen, but after about 3 days I think it became hundreds. I received the product, prepared it and less than an hour later there was already a bottom layer of flies in it! After 2 days I was completely rid of them. Highly recommended!

This is the best working article we have tested so far. Within a few days, the fruit fly infestation had completely disappeared.

I buy this product every summer. I hang one above the kitchen gutter and one above my dustbin. It does its job very well! I am very satisfied. I will be back.

Fantastic! These bottles work really well. Every summer we are bothered by those little fruit flies. We eat a lot of fruit and have a baby who gets fresh fruit every day, so the flies are very noticeable. As soon as we "stick on" a bottle, we are rid of them! We buy them every year. What a top product!

About super ninja

Effective and sustainable pest control.

Super Ninja believes that sustainable and responsible pest control should be todays’ standard. Effective to remove nuisance, safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Due to a lack of sustainable pest control products and as a result of his own frustrations, in 2014, our founder Ferdinand developed our first product: the Fruit Fly Ninja.

While he was trapped at home with a knee injury - surrounded by fruit flies – he discovered how natural ingredients can be just as effective as chemical ones. Especially when combined into an innovative product design.

We find the
best alternatives

We believe in the power of natural ingredients and innovative designs.

We respect
the environment

We aim for a positive impact – without negative side effects.

We keep on

We continuously search for more – and only the best - pest control solutions.


Luckily plant flies – or fungus gnats – aren’t harmful to your health. However, they can cause serious damage to your plants. Where the adult flies eat mostly dead plant remains, the larvae are affecting the roots of your plants, making it harder for them to absorb nutrients and water.

Aside from the fact that fruit flies (fungus gnats) are perceived as being quite annoying, they can also cause serious damage to your plants. As the plant flies lay over 200 eggs per time, they multiple very quickly. It’s important to control the plant flies, before these tiny flies turn into a huge plague.

Plant flies love moisty potting soil. Therefor make sure that you don’t give your plants too much water and place them in a drainage pot. This way the soil gets the chance to dry up after watering, which prevents the flies from settling down. It is also important to remove dead plant remains in time. Are you buying a new plant? Before taking it home, check to see if there are any larvae hidden in the soil. Use for the plant flies, already hovering around your plants, our sustainable sticker traps.

The sticker traps are very effective and easy to use. You can stick them directly into the soil, after which they will immediately start attracting plant flies. Their yellow color increases their attractive power. The flies will simply get stuck to the sticker trap, after which they will die the same day.

The sticker trap is effective immediately and will catch most of the plant flies within the first day. As the plant flies lay over 200 eggs per time, the larvae will keep developing themselves into flies rapidly. It’s therefor also important to tackle the problem at the roots – literally.

The sticker traps of Super Ninja stay effective for a very long time. You only have to replace the sticker traps after 3 months. Sometimes you can even use them for a longer period.

In short: everything! We tried our best to make the Plant Fly Ninja 100% sustainable. From the product, the packaging, to the manufacturing and transportation. The trap is made from recycled and recyclable plastic and contains a natural glue. The packaging is made from recycled and recyclable unbleached carton. We keep the manufacturing process simple, without unnecessary proceedings that won’t add value to the effectiveness and usability of the product. We strive to produce locally as much as we can, to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We pack our products efficiently, in order to ship as many as we can in one freight.

Yes, definitely. The products from Super Ninja are also being uses by professionals, such as super markets, hotels and restaurants. Also pest control services, like Rentokil, use Super Ninja.

Yes, you can. You can find our products at, among others, Albert Heijn, Boni, Coop, da, Deen, dio, Etos, GroenRijk, Hanos, Hocras, Hubo, JUMBO, life&garden, Overvecht, PLUS, Sligro, SPAR, Tuinland, Uw Groene Vakwinkel, VAN TOL, VHC, vitaminstore, ZEGRO, alvo, Carrefour, Cactus, DELHAIZE, DanMurphy's, Coppelmans, ElCorteIngles, X, IGA, InterMarché, JOHNSON, Kruidvat, Monoprix, Pelckmans, Hospitality Supplies, OE FOOD STORES, Reward Hospitality, SuperCOR, TBC.

Yes, you can. Order the Plant Fly Ninja directly via this link.

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